About us

We are compassionate manufacturers who will always try to fulfill our customers desires.

tm filament

the story behind tm filament

tm filament is a Dutch independent company that has its focus on production and development of 3D filament. With over more than fifty years of experience tm filament daily produces many kilometers of filament for additive manufacturing industry.

Quality filament is our drive, because perfect filament makes perfect prints. All our processes are qualified by ISO 9001:2015, also all the filament that leaves our factory has the Fil-Q label, that means that during production of filament over thirty checks on quality are being made, from the moment that the raw material arrives, until the moment that the spools of filament leaves the factory.

With flexible machinery tm filament can fulfill any question for filament. From ten meter spools packed in a bag till spools of thirty kilogram. We can also produce filament without a spool. All colors are available, ask for our list of colors, our standard is the RAL colors.  

In our own R&D department we develop any special filament, that can meet your special desires. If you want a special filament with special properties we can be of service. We love to be challenged

We not only produce filament, we also print on professional printers and DIY printers. For testing and prototyping. Even small series to help you on your way with 3D print technology. With our practical experience we know what good filament is made of.. tm filament, the future in filament !

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Years Experience


With our many years of experience and a flexible modern machinery daily kilometers of filament is made. Our production is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Also our filament has Fil-Q label, this means that from arrival of the raw material until shipment to the customer the complete process is intensively controlled. Perfect filament for perfect print results.

The demand for type of filament can varies for each customer to material, weight, diameter and packages. We are as flexible as possible to meet these demands.


tm filament supplies all common filaments. From PLA, ABS and PETG to more industrial filaments such as PEEK, PEI and PVDF. Our portfolio evolves with the changing needs of our customers. In addition to the standard spools, we also supply filament without a spool, packed in tubes, bags you name it. We deliver from ten grams to one hundred kilos. Do you have a specific wish, please let us know.

Research and Development

Despite the great diversity in plastics, it sometimes happens that tacustomer has an FFF 3D print solution where existing plastics cannot suffice. A specific plastic is required to meet the demand. The tm filament R&D team investigates the question, looks for the right options and then develops the special filament for it.


You are only satisfied with the filament when your print is printed without problems. Good filament provides good print. Good filament requires continuous quality control, from the beginning to the end. tm filament is checked during the entire process, from the raw material with which we produce the filament to the packaging of filament in boxes. Because we carry out these checks for all our filament, every product that leaves the premises receives the Fil-Q label.